Invoice under GST - GST Registration, GST cancellation, GST Return Filing

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Invoice under GST

  • Before removal of goods
  • Three copies: Original for buyer, duplicate for transporter , Triplicate for supplier (For Tax Invoice or Bill of Supply or Debit Note or Credit note or Delivery challan)

  • within 30 days of provision of Services
  • Two copies: Original for buyer, duplicate for supplier

Types of Invoices

Type of Document
Registered Person
Making Taxable Supplies
Tax Invoice
Registered Person
Making Exempt Supplies
Bill of Supply
Registered Person
Multiple invoices less than INR 200 and

the buyer is unregistered
Aggregate Invoice*
Un Registered Person
Making Taxable Supplies
Bill of Supply
Advance Received
For Making Taxable Supplies
Advance Voucher
Advance Received
but Supply not Provided
Refund Voucher
Advance Received
But Supply Partly Made
Issue Taxable Invoice for Part Supply and Refund Voucher for part
B is Registered Supplier
B Ordered good to A for Delivery
 to C which is B’s Client
A had already issued bill while  removing goods for delivery to C, B can issue  invoice even after delivery to c
Registered Person made
Recipient Found some defective
items and want to return
Credit note can be issued by  Supplier only
Input tax transfer to branches
Input Service Distributor
ISD invoice
Job Work
Material send to job work
Delivery Challan

* Aggregate Invoice: If the value of multiple invoices is less than INR 200 and the buyer is unregistered, the seller can issue an aggregate or bulk invoice for the multiple invoices on a daily basis.
For example, you may have issued 3 invoices in a day of INR 80, INR 90 and INR 120. In such a case, you can issue a single invoice, totaling INR 290, which is called an aggregate invoice.

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Download all invoices under GST 

  1. Tax Invoice .xls
  2. Bill of Supply.xls
  3. Debit Note.xls
  4. Credit Note.xls
  5. Delivery Challan.xls
  6. Receipt Voucher.xls
  7. Payment Voucher.xls
  8. ISD Invoice.xls