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(MSME Registration)

What is MSME

MSME means, “Micro Small Medium Enterprises”. Currently MSME is distributing the certificate in the name of Udyog Aadhaar.

MSME enterprises of manufacturing sector can be categorized on the basis of amount invested in plant and machinery –

Micro enterprises– Entities investing less than Rs 25 lakhs in plant and machinery
Small enterprises– Entities investing Rs.25 lakhs -5 crores in plant and machinery
Medium enterprises– Entities investing Rs. 5 crores- -10 crores in plant and machinery

MSME enterprises in the service sector can be categorized on the basis of amount invested in equipment-

Micro enterprises– Entities investing less than Rs. 10 lakhs in equipment
Small enterprises– Entities investing Rs.10 lakhs- 2 crores in equipment
Medium enterprises– Entities investing 2 crores- 5 crores in equipment

Benefits of MSME

Major Benefits of MSME Certificate or Udyog Aadhaar Certificate are following
  • 100% Collateral Free banks loan
  • Reduction in interest rates from Banks
  • 1% exemption on interest rate on Overdraft limit
  • Industrial Promotion subsidy eligibility
  • Bar Code Registration Subsidy
  • Waiver in Security Deposit in Government Tenders and Departments
  • Concession in Electricity bills
  • Reimbursement of ISO Certification
  • NSIC Performance and Credit ratings
  • 50% subsidy for patent registration
  • Protection against delay Payments

MSME Registration process

All Indian taxation” will help you to get your MSME Registration

The documents required for MSME online Registration are:

1. Aadhaar card
2. PAN card Copy
3. GST number if available
4. Investment details in Plant & Machinery / Equipment

Note: Both new and existing business can apply for MSME registration and get the certificate.

Final Word

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